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  • Learning Objects: Foreigners who have a good foundation in Chinese and would like to participate in open discussion in Chinese.

  • 面向:有一定汉语基础,希望可以用汉语聊中国和世界的外国人。
  • What we will discuss: Hot topics, current events, history or just about anything.

  • 这里有什么:街头巷议、国事世情,无可不谈
  • What you can learn: Get a Chinese perspective of the world, and by the reverse, a global perspective of China and its status and influence in the world.

  • 你可以获得什么:中国的视角和世界对中国的视角
  • Why this course is important: Now that you are in China, you have a connection to China and you will understand more about China while practicing Chinese.

  • 为什么你应该获得这些:既然你现在在中国,那么现在和将来你都必然和中国有了联系。练习中文的同时,你会理解更多。
  • Ways of Communication: Free Talk

  • 交流方式:Free talk
  • Time: 1.5 hour / once / two weeks. Saturday / Sunday afternoon 16:00 – 17:30

  • 沙龙时间:1.5小时/次/2周,周六/日下午16:00-17:30
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