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  • Learning Objectives: Foreigners who are curious about and/or interested in China

  • 面向:对中国充满好奇和兴趣的外国人。
  • What you can learn: Chinese Entertainment; Spring Festival customs and regional differences; why we eat a dumpling on the Winter Solstice; solar terms and traditional food and customs including how we sit during a meal; Mid-Autumn Festival and the history of mooncakes; epoch-making myths and legends; the three most common surnames in China; Chinese Calligraphy and painting; Shaolin Temple; Zhuge Liang; Confucius and much more about China and Chinese history and culture

  • 这里有什么:麻将桌上的中国人,各地春节习俗,冬至为何吃饺子,民间的节令与传统食俗,用餐排座,中秋节与月饼,开天辟地的神话,诸葛亮,全国最大三姓氏:李、王、张,春节,中秋节,中国书画,少林寺,孔子,成龙-这里有所有你知道的和不知道的中国
  • Course Benefits: Many, be like a real Chinese.

  • 你可以获得什么:很多、很中国
  • Why you should take this course: China has a glorious history spanning over 5,000 years and is rich in its culture. Anyone visiting China or spending any time in China for business or pleasure should learn about its interesting culture and history.

  • 为什么你应该获得这些:中国不仅是汉语。她是一个有五千多年历史、历经风雨沧桑、无所不包的综合体。
  • Class structure: Lectures and explanations; questions and answers.

  • 讲座方式:讲解、自由提问
  • Period: 2 hours / once / month

  • 讲座时间:2小时/次/月
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