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  • Learning Objects: Foreign company operating in China with employees that cannot speak Chinese, or a company with a large staff of foreigners.

  • 面向:在中国的非汉语地区外企,有外国人从业者的中国企业
  • Corporate Training Plan: A complete course of study based on typical real world situations, and includes recommended course length, tuition (based on factors such as course requirements, length of course, number of students, etc.), days and times classes are offered , evaluation and proficiency testing, and course curriculum

  • 企业培训计划:根据实际情况,作出包括课时、费用、上课规律、学习效果保证、水平测试、教学大纲等要点在内的完整计划书。
  • Why corporate training? China's influence in the world is increasing daily. Chinese is spoken more and more worldwide. In fact, more people speak Chinese than any other language in the world. As more people speak Chinese worldwide, especially in international business dealings, Chinese becomes an essential language to learn.

  • 为什么必须进行企业汉语培训:汉语的影响力与日俱增,沟通与交流越来越迫切,汉语是必不可少的桥梁。
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