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        Based on making full use of the research about how the human mind learns languages, Rosetta Stone (American) Ltd., successfully developed the Rosetta Stone Software in 1993. With 14 years experience, Rosetta Stone has proven to be one of the quickest ways to learn a foreign language.

        Millions of people of all ages and in over 150 countries are using Rosetta Stone. Worldwide, over 1,000 universities, as well as many global business executives, the United States Departments of State and Defense along with NASA and over 500 transnational companies, are currently learning foreign languages with Rosetta Stone.

        Rosetta Stone offers 30 different language courses, including some little-used languages.

Features of Rosetta Stone 软件特点

Quickest ways to learn a foreign language  最快学会一门语言的方式
    Method uses computer technology to imitate the natural environment and process of how we all learned our mother language and transfers that process to the new language. This makes learning any foreign language quick and easy.
    Dynamic Immersion™ Method(沉浸式强化训练法),通过计算机网络技术模拟了母语般的环境以及学母语的自然过程。帮助您以超乎想象的速度实现第二语言学习的目标!

Learn at your own pace  自主掌握学习进度
    With Rosetta Stone you can progress at your own pace, plan your own study time and master a language at your own speed.

A Private Foreign Teacher 24/7  全天候的“私人外教”
    If you can use the Internet, you can log into the software and use it anytime and anywhere. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or want to study during lunch or late at night, with Rosetta Stone you'll have a private foreign teacher with you at all times.

Switch freely between the preview and practice lessons  预习和多种练习模式自由切换
    Focus on the four major language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Easily switch between the preview and practice lessons, so you can choose what you want to learn at your pace.

enjoyable, interesting and efficient  轻松、有趣、高效
    Rosetta Stone can make your language learning easy. You learn from pictures, games, intuitive user interface and visual processes, not difficult and tedious translating and reciting. Do you think learning a foreign language is difficult? Have you failed at it in the past? Is it urgent to learn a foreign language well? Rosetta Stone can help you realize your dream, and you can do it. When you were a child, you learned your native language by total immersion and learned through pictures with vocabulary and phrases to go with them. It was very easy because it was natural.
    图像化、直觉化、游戏式的学习界面和过程,不再有枯燥无味的翻译和背诵,学习语言也轻松!您觉得学语言好难?您曾经失败过许多次?您急需学会某种语言?让如师通帮助您实现美好的梦想,您能做到!Dynamic Immersion™ Method(沉浸式强化训练法)孩提时,您完全沉浸在自己的母语环境中,在不断将看到的图像与单词、短语联系的过程中,逐渐地学会了自己的第一门语言——母语。这种方法是简单的,就因为它是自然的,而且能使大脑接受更加复杂的语言难度。

    RosettaStone, an American language technology company developed its Dynamic Immersion Method which imitates the environment of your native language and the natural process of native language learning using computer technology. This method consolidates the steps you took while learning your native language using visual and voice aids using intuitive user interface and advanced technology through the computer. RosettaStone software offers immediate feedback to strengthen the learning results. A systematic course structure also helps you reach your target goals with incredible speed from simple nouns and verbs to complex concepts and sentences.
    美国Rosetta Stone语言科技公司自主发明的Dynamic Immersion™ Method(沉浸式强化训练法),通过计算机网络技术模拟了母语般的环境以及学母语的自然过程。其简单的、直觉化的学习界面和所运用的先进技术,使您将已理解的图像和所学新语言不断建立联系,从而巩固了语言学习的每一步。软件提供的及时反馈能有效地强化学习效果。系统性的课程结构,能使您从简单的名词和动词,快速提升到复杂的概念和语句,帮助您以超乎想象的速度实现语言学习的目标!

    Foreign language students do not have to translate into their native language in order to have a good command of a new language and communicate well in their new language. With RosettaStone students will be thinking in the new language just as children do while learning their native language.

5 dynamic learning strategies  5种动态学习策略(5Is)
    With RosettaStone you see the pictures, listen to the standard pronunciation, check the cue words and learn the foreign language easily because the RosettaStone software expertly combines the pictures, animations, sounds and Chinese characters together.

Learn through your natural intuition and subconscious潜意识和直觉的训练
    You learn grammar, meaning and vocabulary through pictures to understand the language better, rather than through difficult memorization. You learn the language in a natural environment just as you learned your native language and you utilize intuition and your subconscious just as you did when you were a child.

Integrated interactions of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing听说读写,全面互动
    RosettaStone provides many interactions and methods, such as previews, practices and examinations to focus learning the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    Listening: RosettaStone’s “foreign teacher” will teach students proper pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases and long sentences and through technology, students have the option to reduce the speed for slower speaking.

    Speaking: Special voiceprint recognition and testing instrument of Rosetta Stone can tell you the differences from your pronunciation and standard one, which can help you to improve your oral Chinese level.

    Reading: Intuitive pictures and associated words will help you to understand Chinese characters and meanings of sentences fast. Reading will be very interesting not boring.

    Writing: There are two ways to practice your writing, keyboard input type and characters type. Automatic checking system of the software will tell you the mistakes of your spelling and provide more opportunities to practice.

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